June 8, 2021 www.PositiveChristianity.org presents Positive Daily Inspiration


June 8, 2021 www.PositiveChristianity.org for 22 years presents Positive Daily Inspiration

Tuesday Prayer and Meditation

"Love one another." 1 John 4:7

This is our time to be with God. It is our time to feel that energy that is always with us. There is, within each of us, the ability to center our thoughts and feelings in peace so that we are not moved by outer conflicts.

When we find ourselves inwardly upset about something, we should immediately turn to the center of peace within and declare our faith in God to set things right.

At the beginning of every day, it is good to condition our minds, our hearts and our lives to abide in the peace of God. Jesus said, "Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you."

Peace is not something we have to struggle for. It is God's gift to us. Our Divine duty is to receive the peace of God and extend it into all of life. Every day brings the opportunity to make our individual contribution to peace by keeping serene within and affirming God's guidance in the world.

Rest in the silence of prayer...

Those whose hearts and lives are ruled by the peace of God are the peacemakers whom Jesus called blessed and Sons of God. When we recognize ourselves as children of God, made in God’s image and God’s likeness, we act as God acts in restoring peace.

God is always working for peace. As we become channels through which the peace of God flows to bless people and conditions, we are abundantly blessed in return.

Now, in this moment of silence, I invite you to become a channel of God's peace.

Let's rest in the silence of God…

Peace comes as we trust God and rest in God’s Presence.

Sometimes we can only find peace when we cease whatever it is we are doing and take time to be still in prayer. Once we break the cycle of frenzied activity that all too often encircles us, we begin to see our lives in a new perspective and attain the peace we seek.

When we reach a time of stillness in prayer, the peace of God envelopes us to renew and harmonize every part of our lives. Peace is an all-encompassing spiritual commodity that we cannot afford to be without.

Rest in the silence of prayer...

It embraces the body, soothes shattered nerves, penetrates the mind and the heart, builds trust and calmness and puts us in complete harmony with God. It takes control of the emotions and helps us to overcome all thoughts that make us irritate or unloving. Inner peace equips us to deal with fears and anxieties and frustrations of life.

The surest way to have peace is to trust God completely, knowing that God is in control of everything that God creates. Once we put ourselves in God's hands, releasing every single detail of our lives to God’s wise and loving management, the result for us is peace. Solutions to our problems come.

I ask you now, in this moment of silence, to trust God completely in your life.

Rest in the silence of prayer...

Serenity is the evidence of mental trust. It is the outward and visible sign that a person's analysis of self is in good hands. We have nothing to be anxious about.

Spiritual trust, knowing that the ultimate and eternal purposes of life--the beginnings and the ends--are dependable. This penetrates your mind and your emotions and your body with a peace that passes understanding.

You are a peacemaker. The peacemakers are those whose thoughts, motives and acts tend toward making peace within themselves and in the world. In the Bible it states, "And the harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who made peace."

Rest in the silence of prayer...

Through the power of the spoken word, I decree for you that GOD'S LOVE CALMS YOUR EMOTIONS, BRINGING YOU PEACE AND SECURITY. God's love calms the emotions of the world,

bringing it peace and security.

God's love is a blanket over the entire world. The planet is feeling God's gentle power and every person acts from that love.

In Jesus Christ's name we pray . . . Amen.

POSITIVE DAILY AFFIRMATION: God is the answer to all my searching.

POSITIVE DAILY QUOTE: "I have lived in this world just long enough to look carefully the second time into things that I am most certain of the first time." Josh Billings


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