May 25, 2021 presents Positive Daily Inspiration


May 25, 2021 for 22 years presents Positive Daily Inspiration

Tuesday Prayer and Meditation

"The blessing of the Lord makes rich." Proverbs 10:22

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In this moment, you bask in the Presence of God. In this quiet moment of your soul, you lay aside earthly problems, and you turn to the possibilities and the answers of God in silent reflective prayer.

During this meditation we will share together an old Persian Rosary.

Love and serve humanity. Inside of your mind, think about loving all and serving all, first in thought and then in outer action. Praise every soul. Dare and then dare again. Do not imitate. Be original. Be inventive. Be yourself. Know yourself. Stand on your own ground. Do not lean on the borrowed staffs of others. Think your own thoughts.

Rest in the silence of prayer…

There is no sinner without a future. See God and see Good in every face. All the perfection and virtues of the Creator are hidden in you. Reveal them. Jesus also is with you. Let His grace emancipate every cell of your body.

Rest in the silence of prayer…

Be cheerful and make a way in consciousness right now for that cheerfulness.

Be courteous. Be a dynamo of irrepressible happiness. Assist everyone. Let your life be unto a rose. Though silent it speaks, it speaks in the language of fragrance.

You are a trinity of body, of mind, and of soul. The food of the soul is Divine love. Therefore, right now, feed your soul God’s love so that the body and the mind are invigorated. Be deaf and dumb concerning the faults of others and do not listen to gossip from others or from inside of yourself.

Rest in the silence of prayer…

Stop the circulation of the poisonous germs of error. Never argue with any soul inside of yourself or without. You see a common bond, and you see common virtues. You have inside of your mind a love and a sympathy for all people.

This is the highest type of religion.

You have a rest inside of yourself now, a rest that is there because you are not walking alone. You are walking with God. You have a love inside of you now that is the core of every thought inside your human mind.

Rest in the silence of prayer…

You have hope inside of you now, knowing that you can develop to your highest potential walking with God. You practice this, and you teach this by your daily life. The ultimate authority is the authority that you are dwelling with in the silence of prayer now, the authority of the Spirit of God with you.

You are communing with the unerring Witness standing in the center of your being, an all-powerful, mighty and serene Witness. His is the final testimony. His is the court of last appeal. God's love is for you and through you. You freely share it with others through association.

You never court separation from others. You unite with them in love. To know yourself through your fellow human is to know God. You have courage to do this. You have courage because now you realize your Divine origin as a child of God.

Rest in the silence of prayer…

You are the ray of the sun of immortal bliss. You and the God are one. A deathless, radiant self is in you. God's perfect image and likeness are you, abiding in the fort of God’s protection. Association with people will lead you to spiritual unfoldment. The path to spiritual unfoldment in you is not by instructions and constraints, but by constant progress of consenting to that activity of God forever and without end.

The light of lights is in your heart. You uncover it, and you let it shine for the illumination of humankind. You overcome malice by being a channel of God's love. You overcome envy and personal spite and prejudice. You realize that you are the master of your destiny.

Rest in the silence of prayer…

You do not condemn a single soul; because in condemning the other, you are condemning yourself. You never, for an instant, forget that that other person is also a child of God. In this prayer time, we are on a great sea of God’s Spirit. We realize on this great sea of God’s Spirit there is room for every sail. In the limitless sky of God’s Truth, there is room for every wing.

We do not murder the character of a soul under the guise of human judgment. We are leading the gentle life, the harmless life. We are forgiving, generous, merciful and wakeful. We are fully aware in the moment. In that moment, we are thoughtful and frank and positive.

We are, as sons and daughters of God, soaring in an atmosphere of life and freedom. We are walking in our chosen path. We let no criticism disturb us in the least because we are walking with God. We are walking in the way of success and happiness and health and glory.

Dear God, our prayer is now, in the silence, that we can realize the privilege, and that we can walk alive in it, during all the days of our life.

Rest now in the silence of prayer...

Through the power of the spoken word, I decree for you that—you are awake in your perception of life as never before. You are seeing with new eyes and crystal clear vision. You see your life, you bask in your life, and you realize the good that is in your life.

You realize that you are not alone. You are alive with God. In this realization you stand up tall, and you walk towards that which you are being guided to walk towards. God is with you in this moment. God is with you as the solution to the challenge you are facing this moment. God's ideas pour out upon you this moment.

We give thanks for this opportunity and privilege.

In the name of Jesus Christ . . . Amen.

POSITIVE DAILY AFFIRMATION: I am free from tension, stress, and strain.

I let go and I let God.

POSITIVE DAILY QUOTE: "Ability may get you to the top,

but it takes character to keep you there." John Wooden


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